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<DoLce Flavor&Oil>
Flavor and oil are high in heat-resistance and concentrate than essence. The difference between flavor and oil is generally unclear but flavor is regarded as water-soluble flavor and oil as oil-soluble flavor. The mark [o/s] on the container stands for oil-soluble.

<DoLce Essence>
Transparent flavor made of concentrate and extract of natural substances. These concentrate and extract are blended with fragrance ingredients which is contained in natural substances and dissolved together into diluted alcohol. Great variety of choice - vanilla, fruits, nuts, chocolate, coffee, liqueur and so on.

1kg each


Elegant & distinctive Vanilla Oil
Vanilla Oil No.1025
  The heat resistible Vanilla Oil flavor created out of bourbon vanilla beans extract. This is elegant, and distinctive, which is suitable for baking sweet.
This is one of NARIZUKA Corporation representative Vanilla Flavor. We would be happy if you test its characteristic aroma when it is in your mouth.
Best quality Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Oil Silver Gold
  Vanilla Oil that contains more than 1 month matured extract of 5 pieces bourbon vanilla beans.
This has great balance between Natural and Nature Identical.
When it is applied to confection, the first aromatic will come soon afterwards, so it is suitable for all kind of confections includes raw and baking sweets.
Flavor of Florida's Orange Oil
N.Orange Oil Sweet
  We dilute the Californian orange oil.
This orange oil, which grows under the California sun, will give its characteristic aroma to your confections.
Well-Matched flavor of sour and sweetness
Apple Flavor TA1131
  This flavor features sour and sweetness.
This flavor is similar taste to green apple, however it gives freshness and sweetness to your confections.
The fresh and sweetness flavor
Peach Flavor No. 0048-V
  White peach flavor features its balanced freshness and sweetness, which gives its features to your confections.
One of our representative flavor.
Elegance & Bitterness of Ceylon Tea
Black Tea Flavor No.0062-R
  Ceylon Tea Type.
This flavor has elegance, bitterness, and its strong aroma.
One of our popular choice.
Just served tea's sweet aroma and bitterness
Maccha Flavor No.1613
  This Flavor features elegance and green taste of
Maccha itself gives the Japanese taste.
You can enjoy the pleasant sweetness and bitterness.
Mild, Sweet Coffee Flavor
Coffee Flavor TA1125
  This flavor has mildness and sweetness together.
This flavor has heat-resistance, so can be applied to baking sweet. Stunning result.
Rich chocolate aroma
Chocolate Flavor Gold
  This flavor has rich aroma and nice sweetness.
Suitable for Cool Confections.
Highly concentrated natural cocoa extract
Pure Cocoa Extract UA1002
  We naturally extract the selected Ivory Coast cocoa beans
This highly concentrated extract gives elegance and depth to your confections.
One of our representative products.
Just baked sweet potato aroma and taste
Yaki-Imo Flavor TU1002
  This flavor has just baked sweet potato aroma.
This flavor features its sweetness and its flexibility.
Widely Applicable flavor.
One of the popular choice.
Sweetness like fruits
Pumpkin Flavor No.1804
  West Europe pumpkin flavor support your confections with its sweetness and its unique taste.
Marron Aroma with its unique bitterness
Marron Flavor No. 1685
  Bitter Marron Aroma.
This realistic bitter marron aroma will support your confections with its character.
Emulsion flavor with mild, deep aroma
Gyunyu Flavor AA1193
  This emulsion flavor has aroma like just squeezed milk,
featuring mild deep aroma, gives its character as well as white colors to your confections.
Developed by NARIZUKA Corporation special technique.
Highly evaluated refreshing and sweet aroma of yogurt
Yogurt Flavor No.2029-NEW
  This flavor has yogurt aroma and a little bit citrus aroma,
enhance the freshness.
This refreshing sweet aroma supports your confections gracefully.
Burnt sugar aroma
Caramel Flavor SA0171
  Burnt sugar aroma and slight bitter flavor.
This flavor enhances your confection's aroma.
Oil soluble deep caramel aroma and rich sweetness
Caramel Oil SA0136
  This flavor is oil soluble, has rich, deep, and sweet caramel aroma. This aroma like milk caramel supports your confections strongly.
Okinawa origin brown sugar aroma
Kokuto Flavor SS1014
  This realistic flavor has just as good aroma as Okinawa origin brown sugar. Its unique sweet and elegant aroma has also heat-resistance.
Suitable for baking sweets.
Distinguish sweetness
Maple Flavor SA0147
  Rich, deep aroma of maple.
This sweetness is called "Maple Sugar", has distinguish sweetness.
Expression of Household beverage
Cola Flavor TU1016
  It features refreshing carbonic feeling, has strong aroma.
Refreshing Sweetness
Soda Flavor AA1104
  This flavor features its carbonic feeling and refreshing strong aroma.
Vanilla Essence, which contains more than 1 month's maturation of 5 pieces bourbon vanilla beans
Vanilla Essence NB No.5
  This elegant Vanilla Essence is created out of extract from vanilla beans, thanks to its natural extraction and natural maturing process, this essence has its characteristic aroma.
This can be applied to most of the confections except baking sweet.
Natural Orange Aroma
Orange Essence
  Diluted Essence of California Orange Oil.
This orange essence, which grows under the California sun, will give its characteristic aroma to your confections.
Realistic lemon aroma
Lemon Essence
  The well-balanced essence of lemon oil and nature identical.
It features lemon's characteristic aroma and spicy taste.
Refreshing aroma of "Peppermint"
Peppermint Essence
  This essence mainly contains diluted high quality peppermint oil,
featuring its strong and refreshing aroma of herb.
For Annin Tofu (almond jelly with fruits), amande poudre, poudre
Almond Essence Bitter
  Concentrated aromatic essence of raw almond (Bitter Almond).
Especially suitable for Almond jelly with fruits, amande poudre, poudre.
One of our popular choice.
Suitable for Jelly
Soda Essence No. 1993
  Its strong aroma suits jelly very well.
It features its characteristic carbonic feeling and grace sweetness of citrus.
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