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<Whip Taste>

Color, flavor, and sweetness can be altered simultaneously. Lessens hassles of measuring and saves ingredients. You can heat it up and won't change the flavor!
Easy to pour "Syrup Type" and won't remain inside the can. It's very economical.

*Suitable for mousse, cookies, jellies and so on.

<Paste 50>

Concentrated paste flavor Highly concentrated fruit is strengthened its odor with being added the most suitable flavor.


Concentrated Paste
Vanilla Paste Which contains bourbon vanilla seeds
(Paste 50) Vanilla Seeds Paste SK2014
  This vanilla seeds paste contains aromatic vanilla flavor and large amount of high-grade bourbon vanilla seeds.
This is easy to use, just to put it in and mix it well, and then you can have its elegant vanilla aroma and vanilla seeds.
Germany / Pharmarom
Deep taste of its Madagascar bourbon vanilla aroma and taste
Dessert Paste Vanilla V1005
  The vanilla paste, which contains crashed vagina of Madagascar vanilla beans, gives deep and concentrated vanilla aroma and taste to your confections.
Rich acerola sour and sweetness
Whip Taste Acerola
  This Paste contains acerola
This contains concentrated acerola juice.
Its sour acerola fruit taste perfectly suits your confections.
Fresh Valencia Orange Taste
Whip Taste Orange
  Proper sweetness and sour Valencia Orange Paste.
This fresh orange paste will give rich aroma to your confections.
Naturally colored version of Whip Taste Orange
Whip Taste Orange Gold
  This paste is naturally colored version of Whip Taste Orange.
Its Valencia orange aroma and taste stays as elegant as whip taste orange.
Suitable for Sponge cakes.
Rich spring strawberry aroma
Whip Taste Strawberry
  This paste contains strawberry from spring pick.
Its fresh and aroma is applicable to your confections to all four seasons.
One of our popular choice.
Naturally colored version of Whip Taste Strawberry
Whip Taste Strawberry Gold
  This paste is naturally colored version of Whip Taste Strawberry.
This paste color is red and purple, when it is applied to your confections, it will give vivid strawberry colors.
Suitable for most of the confections from Sponge cakes, mousse, to fresh cream.
Well-matured banana paste
Whip Taste Banana New
  Well-matured banana aroma paste.
It features banana sweetness and rich banana aroma gives elegance to your confections.
Tropical Paste of blended various fruits
Whip Taste Fruit Mix New
  Tropical fruits paste of various fruits blend, which includes strawberry, peach, banana and etc…
Its sour and sweetness gives the special harmony to your confections.
Canadian Blueberry
Whip Taste Blueberry
  This paste is made out of Canadian blueberry.
This paste features rich and strong aroma.
Asian Dessert Paste
Whip Taste Mango
  Well-matured mango paste.
This paste has strong sweetness and sour, gives the tropical taste and aroma to your confections.
Suitable for Asian Dessert like Mango Pudding.
Strong sweetness and aroma of matured melon
Whip Taste Melon
  This paste has sweetness and rich aroma.
Its elegant aroma and taste can be applied to your confections with ease.
Proper sweetness and sour juicy taste
Whip Taste raspberry
  This paste is made out of large quantity of Canadian raspberry.
Thanks to its fruits flesh, this paste gives nice sweetness and sour juicy taste to your confections.
Fresh Lemon
Whip Taste Lemon
  This paste is naturally colored, features like just squeezed aroma and freshness.
Its fresh, juicy sour, and unique spice will give your confection unique, fresh taste and aroma.
Juicy white peach
(Paste 50) Peach
  Non-Colored juicy white peach paste.
It is well balanced of freshness and sweetness, gives your confections its peachy features.
Naturally light peach colored paste
(Paste 50) Peach SK2009
  Naturally colored version of Paste 50 Peach.
Its juicy taste stays as good as paste 50 peach.
However this paste has colors, which enables your confections to have peachy colors when applied.
Matured "La France" taste and aroma
(Paste 50) Poire
  This paste has la france taste and aroma.
It features refreshing sweetness and smooth after-taste.
Rich Melon Aroma with Clear Green
(Paste 50) Melon CA2002
  Natural Colored Paste of rich lemon aroma and vivid green.
It features its rich taste and aroma, widely applicable to most of the confections.
Non-Colored peel containing lemon paste
N. Lemon Paste FJ2010
  Non-Colored peel containing lemon paste.
Its fresh sour gives your confections some character.
Suitable for most of the confections includes raw confections to baking sweets.
Refreshing Lemon Aroma
Jupe Fresh Lemon V300
  This refreshing liquid paste is made out of fresh lemon juice.
This paste features its sharp lemon sour,
Applicable to your confections through all seasons.
Non-Colored Ceylon Tea Paste
Whip Taste Black Tea Gold
  Whip Taste Black Tea Gold
This non-colored paste is made out of Ceylon tealeaf extract.
Its elegant, proper bitterness suits well with sponge cakes and fresh cream.


Black Tea Jelly Supportable Materials

(Paste 50) Royal Tea Paste FA2043

  This paste is the solution to prevent the unwanted color from getting into the cool confections thanks to our technique.
This paste gives surprising clear finish to your cool confections,
Best suitable for Jelly.
Black tea elegance is easily expressed with this paste.
One of our popular choice.
The Japanese Taste Masterpiece
Whip Taste Maccha
  This paste is created out of Uji (Kyoto) region Maccha.
This paste features the depth of bitterness, and mild sweetness, which enable to create the Japanese taste.
Organically colored Maccha Taste
Whip Taste Maccha Gold
  This is organically colored version of "whip taste maccha".
This taste can be applied to sponge cakes, which give the rich taste of Uji green tea.
Deep Roast Coffee aroma with little sweetness
Whip Taste Roasted Coffee
  This paste has strong roasted aroma of coffee beans and little sweetness. Its depth of taste and roast aroma gives your confection depth.
Depth taste of cacao
Whip Taste Chocolate New
  This paste features depth taste of cacao and aroma.
Its deep sweetness gives elegance to your confections.
Just baked sweet potato aroma and taste
Paste 50 Yaki-Imo
  This paste has just baked sweet potato aroma and taste.
Its soft sweetness gives rich taste and aroma to your confections.
One of our popular choice.
Kagoshima origin "Aya-Murasaki" sweet potato taste and aroma
Murasaki-Imo Paste
  This paste contains Kagoshima (South of Japan) origin sweet potato "Aya-Murasaki", gives its special taste and aroma.
This paste can be spread well even small quantity application.
Besides this, color is very stable.
Suitable for Baking Sweets like Madeline.
Japanese Spring taste and aroma
Paste 50 Sakura Paste FA2058
  This paste is naturally colored, contains natural sakura (Cherry flowers) extract. This sakura's nice aroma and light pinky colors takes your confections to spring.
With this paste, your Japanese confection can be arranged as European taste.
One of our popular choice.
Sweet and Roast aroma of almond
Whip Taste Almond
  Roasted almond paste without coloring agents.
This harmonizing sweet and roast aroma of almond gives depth to your confections.
Pasteurized sweet boiled marron
Whip Taste Marron
  This paste contains pasteurized sweet boiled marron.
Its rich taste, aroma, and smooth feeling gives grace to your confections.
Italy, Torino Bitter Marron Paste
Marron Paste TU2018
  This paste contains Italy, Torino origin pasteurized bitter marron. This paste features Gentle marron aroma and bitterness, gives grace to your confections.
Slight Bitterness of caramel
Whip Taste Caramel
  Burnt sugar aromatic paste.
Elegant sweetness and slight bitterness is well harmonized with each other, gives characteristic aroma and taste to your confections.
Widely applicable to most of the confections.
Whip Taste Soda
  This paste features clear blue colors and refreshing taste and aroma. Besides this, there is fruity sweetness.
Widely applicable to most of the confections.
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