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The series of home use size of Dolce.
These product comes in a small bottle. With these product your home-made confectionery tastes likes the one made in a bakery and you can enjoy making confectioneries more than ever.

30ml each

Domestic Flavor
Professional used vanilla Essence
Domestic Vanilla Essence
  This vanilla essence is used for professions. We offer the domestic size of this essence.
This essence contains high-grade vanilla extract, which gives elegant aroma to cool confections.
Heat resistible Vanilla Oil. Professional recommends
Domestic Vanilla Oil
  This vanilla Oil features its heat resistance, which contains concentrated vanilla extract. When it is in your mouth, its aroma will spread within. This Vanilla Oil is professionally evaluated.
Bourbon Vanilla Beans Extract contains
Domestic N. Vanilla
  It is rarely happen for domestic flavor, which contains bourbon vanilla beans extract. This natural vanilla beans aroma can be applied from cool to cookies, chiffons, and baking sweets.
Best supportable essence to cool confections like mousse
Domestic Orange Essence
  The diluted essence of Valencia Orange Oil.
It gives its featuring aroma to your confections, suitable for cool confections like mousse.
Best suitable Oil for baking sweet like Madeleine
Domestic N. Orange Oil
  This oil contains diluted natural orange oil.
Suitable for baking sweet like Madeleine.
Essence suitable for cool confections like jelly.
Domestic Strawberry Essence New
  It features its sweetness and sour.
When applied to cool confections like jelly, it enhance the freshness. Outstanding result.
Essence suitable for cool confections
Domestic Banana Essence
  This essence gives well-matured banana taste.
It features its strong aroma and sweetness.
Suitable for cool confections.
Essence suitable for cool confections like jelly
Domestic Melon Essence New
  Fresh result.
It features its freshness and aroma.
Suitable for cool confectionery like jelly.
Florida Lemon taste
Domestic Lemon Essence
  This lemon essence mainly contains Florida lemon.
This rich sour aroma gives the accent to your confections, widely applicable to most of the confections.
Flexible essence
Elegance & Bitterness of Ceylon Tea
Domestic Black Tea Flavor No. 0062-R
  Ceylon Tea Type.
This flavor has elegance, bitterness, and its strong aroma.
This flavor is essential materials for black tea aromatic confections.
Extract from Brazilian Coffee Beans
Domestic Coffee Essence
  This coffee essence is made out of Brazilian Coffee extract.
This essence has strong coffee aroma and deep taste.
Suitable for cool confections.
Refreshing aroma of "Peppermint"
Domestic Peppermint Essence
  This essence mainly contains diluted high quality peppermint oil.
featuring its strong and refreshing aroma of herb.
This water contains French Orange Flower Oil
Domestic N. Orange Flower Water
  For domestic use, this water is rare.
This water contains extracted oil from French orange flower.
Its graceful, gorgeous aroma supports your cool confection with its character.
This water contains the best quality French Rose Extracted Oil
Domestic Rose Water New
  This water contains the best quality French Rose Extracted Oil
Its graceful, brilliant aroma easily harmonizes with confections.
Harmonizing essence with almond jelly with Fruits.
Domestic Almond Essence Bitter
  Concentrated aromatic essence of raw almond (Bitter Almond).
Especially suitable for Almond jelly with fruits, amande poudre, poudre.
One of our popular choice.
Chocolate confectionery accentuation
Domestic Almond Oil No.1165
  This almond Oil features its characteristic roasted almond aroma and sweetness.
Suitable for baking sweet and chocolate confections.
Suitable for baking sweets
Domestic Maple Oil
  This heat-resistible oil has maple aroma,
Suitable for baking sweets.
Concentrated orange liquor aroma
Domestic CL. Curacao No.6500
  It is rare to see alcohol essence for domestic size flavor.
This liquor contains concentrated orange liquor aroma.
Liquor of long aged deep aroma and fruity sweetness
Domestic CL Rum Jamaica
  This liquor features long aged deep aroma and fruity sweetness.
This liquor accentuates the confections with its characters, elegantly support to your confections.
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